Adaptive Specialized Clothing

Adaptive Specialized Clothing

Often, disability imposes restrictions not only on everyday life, but also completely changes certain parts of it. Specialized clothing will help a person cope with the difficulties that a disability causes. For example, mittens on a string help not only absent-minded children, but also people with Down syndrome who have problems concentrating. And there are hundreds of such examples. Previously, unfortunately, not much attention was paid to the problems of people with disabilities in our country. But now everything is changing.

Special clothing for bedridden patients

Adaptive clothing is designed to solve the main problems associated with caring for a bedridden patient.

Among these problems are:

  • Spontaneous removal of clothing by a sick person.
  • Tearing of stitches and wounds by clothing.
  • Difficulty changing a hygienic diaper.

In addition to solving the above problems, specialized clothing should also be convenient and comfortable for the patient. For this purpose, in the production of adaptive clothing, only natural materials are used, eliminating the risk of irritation and allergies. All seams should be exposed or hidden, and zippers should be separated from the skin by a fabric lining.

Specialized clothing

Also, when choosing clothes for a bedridden patient, pay attention to its color. It is better to choose a neutral, calm color that evokes positive emotions.

The choice of specialized clothing depends on the patient’s condition. The bodysuit will be an excellent choice for patients with senile dementia. Such clothing prevents the patient from having access to a diaper and will prevent him from freezing during the cold season.

If the patient is not very limited in movement, then so-called “vests for adults” can be used. This is an analogue of a T-shirt, which is put on over the head and secured with buttons and Velcro. Advanced models have an insert on the back that prevents the formation of bedsores. Pajama pants additionally protect against the cold and provide psychological comfort. Fasteners on the sides allow you to quickly dress or undress the patient without turning him over.

Clothing for people with Down syndrome

People with Down syndrome have their own characteristics. Poor motor skills, specific body structure and reduced immunity make adjustments to the design of their clothes. To ensure road safety, special overalls with reflective inserts were developed. These overalls have pads sewn onto the shoulders that correct the figure. The jacket can be chosen with a high collar, which protects from the wind and hides the double chin, allowing people with Down syndrome to feel more confident.

Clothes for people using a stroller

Long skirts, a classic lined jacket and trousers are not suitable for a person using a stroller. To adapt this clothing for wheelchair users, they resort to some tricks. Additional darts are made on the trousers at the folding points, this helps to avoid creases in the fabric and “bloating” of the trousers, and the underdeveloped abdominal muscles are supported with a high belt.

There should be no pockets on the back of the trousers; this causes severe discomfort when sitting in a chair for a long time. In order not to take away space for people with disabilities to carry various small items. The pockets were moved to the inside of the shin. But this may not solve the problem of transporting things. What should you do if you need to take an umbrella or something larger with you? An ordinary backpack will not work here, the contents will get in the way from behind the back of the chair, and putting everything on your feet is not the best idea. This is where small bags similar to belt bags come to the rescue. They are attached around the knees, connecting them.

Women’s clothing was also not left without attention. The dresses are equipped with a tight corset that supports posture, and special hooks are sewn to the hem of the skirt that cling to the stroller, which prevents excess fabric from wrapping around the wheels.

Clothing for people with cerebral palsy

People with cerebral palsy experience sudden spastic movements that they are unable to control. Considering fact, clothes for them in places are made from durable materials.

Another feature of people with cerebral palsy is poor motor skills. Clothing is designed that can be put on with one hand without unnecessary effort. Magnets and Velcro are used. The zipper on the trousers is placed diagonally this makes it much easier to fasten them. Jackets and sweatshirts should be reversible, since turning something inside out for a person with cerebral palsy may be an impossible task.

Fashion is (not) for everyone

Finding clothing for a person with a disability that takes into account all the characteristics of the body is not an easy task. Specialized stores, especially in the provinces are rarity items purchased in mass markets need to recut. In addition, these are additional costs for the studio, materials, consumables and the like.

Disabled people literally left alone with their problems. But there will always be caring and brave people. It is precisely such people who are now everywhere launching projects designed to erase the border between people with disabilities and the rest of the world.

The situation in the market is that fashionable adaptive clothing is produced by a small number of companies in very limited quantities, creating huge demand. Students of the British Higher School of Design, together with the cultural center “Without Borders”, set themselves the goal of filling the need for disabled people in fashionable, stylish and comfortable clothing.

The Modern Fashion Collection

They have developed a line of clothing that is not only functional, but also stylish and available at a reasonable price. And the presentation of their collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week created a real sensation, showing the whole world that adaptive clothing can be not only comfortable, but also modern. Thus, since 2014, people with disabilities have become an integral part of fashion shows around the globe.

The world is changing before our eyes. What was previously a flaw that so carefully hidden behind a screen has become a feature. Many specialized agencies for people with disabilities are opening, and more and more brands are releasing special lines of clothing for people with disabilities. This contributes to the fact that people with disabilities have finally begun to pay attention. We believe that very soon every store will have special sections not only for pregnant women and plus-size people, but also for people with disabilities.

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