<div>AI, ML-based systems show new-age face of Kerala’s plantation sector</div>
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based irrigation systems, drones for targeted spraying of pesticides and automation were the technological advances showcased at the Kerala Plantation Expo here on Sunday.
The expo was inaugurated by State Industries Minister P Rajeev.
Industries and Commerce Director S Harikishore, who is Special Officer, Plantation, said that the sector was thoroughly mechanised today with the influx of startups in the modern times.
“As technological equipment leads to decreased cost of production, more planters are going for mechanisation,” he is quoted as having said in a release issued by the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC).
Automation is employed in a big way in irrigation as well as spraying of pesticides across plantations, besides diagnosis of pests infesting crops, the release said
As many as 166 stalls by 120 entrepreneurs were open for the public from 9 am at the expo organised by the Plantation Directorate of th

By Debra Moran

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