Bangaram, Thinnakara islands becoming tourism hotspots in Lakshadweep
When the fishing boat carrying tourists wades through the turquoise blue waters, as it approaches the Bangaram island, one could clearly see the coral reefs and flashes of multiple colors inside those natural structures.
You can spot large sea turtles and various fishes running away from the sound of the boat’s propeller.
There is no need to question why Bangaram and its nearby Thinnakara island are considered the hot spot of tourism activity in Lakshadweep.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photographs during his visit and stay at Bangaram, taken on a newly formed sand bank there has made the place even more popular.
The Lakshadweep administration is operating a five star resort on this uninhabited island and there is nothing else, not even a shop or people who are outsiders.
Occasionally tourists who are staying in Agatti, come to take a stroll on the resort property and go back and the guests staying there return to their tranquility, with no outside noises but just the humming of

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