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The Best Hotel Blankets In USA

Hoteliers strive to install the best hotel bedding set for their guests. A hotel bedding set is incomplete without the right selection of mattress toppers. They are responsible for ensuring cozy and comfortable sleep for the guests. Hospitality establishments use a range of hotel blankets and comforters to provide their guests a soothing and relaxing sleeping experience. Both types of mattress toppers are designed to provide warmth. While hotel comforters are considered luxurious, hotel blankets are a budgetary option. Blankets are also easier to maintain and save the time and manpower required for cleaning and drying.  

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Hotel Blankets

A hotelier should consider several factors before choosing a hotel collection blanket. These factors include the material, weight, size, and durability of hotel blankets that the hoteliers may choose according to their needs. These mattress toppers commonly use cotton, wool, and synthetic fabric such as polyester. While the variety of blankets are available in the market depending on their weight and size hotels should consider the ones that suit their needs the most. Another important factor is the durability of the blankets. This is mediated by the hotel blankets’ thread count, weave, and maintenance. 

Hotel Blankets

II. Factors to Consider When Choosing Hotel Blankets

The following factors should be considered and appropriately measured by hoteliers to receive maximum value out of their investments. 

 A. Material

Three common materials used in the manufacturing of hotel blankets are cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers.

1. Cotton

Hoteliers should look for 100% cotton blankets, as they are breathable, durable, and comfortable. 100% cotton blankets can be a great purchase for hoteliers in the category of mattress toppers as they can provide guests with a warm and cozy bed. A good example of a 100% cotton blanket is the Ryotei cotton waffle blanket by DZEE Textiles. This blanket provides great value for money as it is highly durable due to the waffle weave and can be maintained easily. The breathability and temperature regulation of the cotton waffle blanket can also be a plus point for the guests. 

2. Wool

Wool blankets are a popular selection for hoteliers due to their insulating properties and soft texture. These blankets are made from natural fibers that are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. They are also highly durable and can last several years with proper care. Wool blankets come in different weights and sizes, making it easy for hoteliers to choose the right one for their guests. While wool blankets are more expensive than synthetic blankets, they provide excellent value for money due to their longevity and performance.

3. Synthetic

Hotel blankets made of 100% polyester fall under this category. Polyester blankets have been designed to mitigate the gaps created by wool blankets. These blankets are considered cost-effective and durable compared to wool blankets. They are also hypoallergenic and reduce the chances of guests contracting any allergens during their stay at the hotel. The Ryotei Luxury by DZEE Textiles microfleece blanket is a good example of a hotel blanket made of synthetic fiber. This hotel blanket is a great choice for hoteliers who seek to provide comfort and a luxurious experience to their guests at a budgetary cost. These blankets are easier to maintain and can dry quickly, making them an ideal choice for the hospitality industry. 

Hotel Collection Blankets

B. Weight

The weight of the blankets used in hotels is also a crucial factor that determines the comfort of your guests. The weight is directly related to the warmth and coziness offered to your guests while they rest during the night. Blankets available in a lighter size are the best choice for hotels located in warmer regions. Lightweight blankets can be ideal for ensuring breathability and temperature regulation. 

Similarly, heavier-weighted blankets are perfect for providing warmth and coziness for the sleeper. The weighted blankets are a good choice for hotels that are located in colder regions as they can capture and store heat. This allows the sleeper to remain warm and comfortable throughout the night.

C. Size

The size of a hotel’s bedding set plays a crucial in defining its procurement strategy. Selecting the right bedding size is important to provide maximum coverage for your guests. Hotel blankets are commonly available in three sizes including twin, queen, and king. Twin-sized blankets can usually be found in 66” X 90” dimensions, while queen-sized blankets are available in 94” X 90”. Lastly, the king-sized hotel blankets are available in 110” X 90” dimensions which is also considered the biggest size. 

The size of bedding in hotels should be measured accurately to minimize the risks of errors during the purchase. A hotel with a wide range of dimensions should also look into purchasing the correct amount of wholesale hotel blankets for every dimension. This also depends on the use of bedding in a hotel. For example, if your hotel has more usage of king-sized beds than queen-sized beds, then you should order an optimal amount of king-sized and queen-sized blankets. 

III. Types of Hotel Collection Blankets

There is a wide variety of hotel blankets that serve as mattress toppers for hotels. The most commonly used blankets include

A. Waffle Weave Blankets

The waffle weave blankets are made using a special weaving technique known as the waffle weave. This weave is also responsible for the waffle-like pattern is commonly found on cotton waffle blankets. This type of hotel collection blanket is known for its breathability and temperature regulation. Their texture provides exceptional value for money due to their durability and easier maintenance. 

B. Fleece blankets

Fleece blankets are also commonly used blankets in the hospitality industry. They are known for the excellent warmth they provide to the sleeper while also providing them great comfort. These blankets are soft to the touch which also makes them a great addition to a hotel’s luxurious bedding. 

V. Conclusion

In conclusion, choosing the right hotel blankets is an important decision for hoteliers. The material, weight, size, and Hotel blanket durability should be considered to provide guests with a comfortable and relaxing sleeping experience. DZEE Textiles is a great option for hoteliers as they have a wide range of high-quality hotel collection blankets designed to meet the specific needs of the hospitality industry. Their Ryotei cotton waffle blanket and Ryotei luxury microfleece blanket are excellent examples of affordable yet luxurious hotel blankets that can provide maximum comfort to guests. So, hoteliers looking for the best hotel supplies should consider DZEE Textiles as their go-to supplier.

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