<div>Caste, religious differences created to destroy Tamils’ unity: TN CM Stalin</div>
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin on Wednesday said caste and religious differences were created “later” to destroy Tamils’ unity and urged them to conduct cultural festivals like the traditional bull-taming sport jallikattu unitedly as Tamils.
In his address after inaugurating a grand jallikattu arena named after his father and late DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi, Stalin also charged the central BJP with “enacting a drama” over granting permission to hold the sport in the state, before the Supreme Court gave a favourable verdict on the matter.
He recalled that DMK founder, the late CN Annadurai gave Tamil Nadu its name (it was earlier known as Madras Presidency) while Karunanidhi ensured classical language status for Tamil.
His “Dravida model government” has constructed the grand arena in this district to highlight “aeruthazvhuthal which is a symbol of Tamils’ culture,” he said.
“At this juncture what I want to tell you is–caste divisions and religious differences were created la

By Debra Moran

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