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City reviewing use of force by security guard against individual sleeping outside Toronto shelter

The city is reviewing the use of force by one of its security guards who was captured on video tackling an individual to the ground outside a shelter in Toronto last week.

The altercation took place on March 12 at the Peter Street referral centre, which operates as the central intake centre for the city-run shelter system.

In the video, shared to TikTok last week, two individuals can be seen sleeping outside the shelter while security guards work to relocate them elsewhere.

The video then shows one of the individuals jumping up and moving toward a guard who had just picked up their belongings and tossed them on the pavement nearby.

In response, an officer appears to grab the individual and throw them to the ground.

However, a spokesperson for the city said the two individuals had been blocking the accessibility ramp and were repeatedly asked to move.

“While city staff and security guards are expected to use de-escalation techniques, one of the individuals attempted to strike a guard and spat on another, and an arrest was required,” the statement read.

The city did not say if a charge was laid. CTV News Toronto has reached out for more information.

The spokesperson said that the entire incident, including the use of force, is now being reviewed by the city’s Corporate Security department.