Intellectual property rights (IPR) laws, the policy are all being given a certain push as research and development are happening in very big scale in India now because the environment is being made conducive for that purpose, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Saturday.
“So, we are trying to make them (IPR laws) as a facilitator, booster, and not certainly a barrier in the process of R&D. We’ve taken quite a few steps and I singularly thank the prime minister for this particular policy, which after a lot of consultation has come up in 2016,” she said.
The law is a balance of protection for those who innovate, and the commercial propositions with which patents can be of use for the society, she said at the book launch event of Justice Prathiba M Singh on Patent Law.
Sharing details of the law, Sitharaman said, eight different items which have something to do with intellectual property have all been brought together under one umbrella.
Everything to do with the policy …

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