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Keyword Research for Dubai

Keyword Research for Dubai

Knowing how to choose keywords is essential to have texts ranked well in search engines. Find out how to do this process correctly in the article Keyword Research for Dubai below.

Keywords are fundamental to having a good SEO strategy. After all, they are what make texts rank well in Google search engine results. Click Here for Dubai SEO Company

However, it is important to remember that each market segment can have several relevant keywords and, believe me, they all vary when we talk about their degree of difficulty.

That’s why it’s very important to know how to choose the ideal keywords in your optimization strategy. Otherwise, your company in Dubai could be wasting important tools.

If you don’t yet know how to do this in your business, there’s no need to worry. We have prepared fundamental tips that can help you establish some priorities when choosing SEO terms for your business. Shall we learn more?

Why are keywords important?

the term “keyword” indicates phrases or words that summarize the central ideas of a text. In this way, they help engines understand what subject your text is talking about, making it appear as the best result for Internet users who searched for that term. For example:

A Google user is wanting to know more about Digital Marketing. There are a huge number of terms that he can type when carrying out his search. See some examples:

  • “Digital Marketing Tips”
  • “What is Inbound Marketing?”
  • “What is Digital Marketing for?”

In this context, if a text has the Keyword Research “Digital Marketing” it will be among the main search results, as long as it contains complete, informative and useful content for the user.

Text with good content and relevant keywords is capable of attracting a huge amount of traffic to your company’s website in Dubai and, consequently, drawing the attention of potential customers.

4 tips for choosing keywords for your SEO campaign:

The best way to grow your business through SEO is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process of making changes to increase the likelihood of a website being ranked as relevant in searches on Google and other engines. of research.

Therefore, to be successful, you need to choose the right keywords. Over time, you will be able to gather data that will help you determine which of your keywords are ranking better and which need more work. See some tips below:

Search for Relevant keywords:

Using good keywords is one of the simplest and easiest techniques to put into practice today.

Therefore, before starting to create any type of content, it is extremely important to analyze the terms most searched by internet users, such as on Google or even YouTube. To do this, determine the most important short-tail and long-tail expressions for your business.

  • Short tail words: greater traffic and more sought after in different market niches.
  • Long tail words: lower volume of traffic, however, it has great potential for an enterprise. They are usually made up of two, three or more words, thus creating a small sentence.

As the search, in general, is more specific, the possibilities of sales or conversion end up being greater, so always keep an eye on these key words.

How to find these terms and create an assertive marketing strategy with a focus on SEO? See below the best tools for carrying out research:

Search Console and Google AdWords:

Google Search Console is a mechanism for analyzing the internal results of your blog or website, offering the following data:

  • Total impressions;
  • Average position;
  • Total clicks;
  • Percentage of clicks;

Google AdWords makes it possible to search for the most accessed keywords on Google, showing the traffic for each one. This is the most used tool for creating ads.


Through this platform, you can search for the keywords that generate the most traffic to your blog and even to your competitor’s domain.

The tool allows you to use your competitors’ keywords to:

  • Optimize posts;
  • Achieve better positions;
  • Write different content within the same subject;

Perform on-page optimization:

Check out some SEO techniques that you can’t miss in your business:

2.1 – Format the content

When formatting your content, it is very important to think about the responsiveness of your business page. Texts with very long paragraphs make it difficult to read on smaller devices, such as smartphones.

Therefore, write paragraphs of 3 lines so that they can be read on all devices, and make sure that, when accessing your page, the internet user will not leave because it is tiring to read.

2.2 Enter the Keyword Research correctly

Review the text where your keyword is. The correct thing is for the Keyword Research to be in the first paragraph of your text, in the conclusion, in the intertitle or even in the URL.

By taking these precautions, you guarantee SEO optimization and help search engines understand what you are talking about and that you understand the subject.

Always use synonyms for your keyword, thus avoiding repetitions in the content.

2.3 Use the h1, h2 and h3 tags:

The h1, h2 and h3 tags are nothing more than the size and font formatting of the text on your website and post. Using them correctly makes it easier for the user to read, making them stay longer on your page.

The h1 tag must be used in primary titles and correspond to the font type and size, thus Arial 20.

The h2 tag is commonly used in subtitles throughout the text, corresponding to Arial 16. And the h3 tags must be used if there is a subtitle within the h2, and so on.

2.4 Careful meta-description:

The meta-description is nothing more than the text that appears in Google search when an internet user performs searches.

It is not a ranking factor for search engines, but it increases the number of clicks if it is attractive, thus improving the performance of the content.

Therefore, always be direct when writing your meta-description.

Its size should be approximately 156 characters, beyond that, your text will not appear in its entirety.

Use anchor texts:

Anchor text is nothing more than the visible text of a link, basically, it is the “clickable” word within the content in which the URL is inserted.

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