Pilates Core: Beyond the Abs

Over the last few years, pilates core workouts have become largely popular. Many celebrities, including fitness gurus, have contributed to this popularity. Pilates, though, is not as easy as it may seem. One of the main focuses of Pilates is to strengthen the core. 

As you can imagine, it is one of the most difficult areas for people to work out. Even those who don’t fear leg day often shy away from core workouts. 

However, pilates offers many benefits for both your physical and mental health. These exercises are designed to not only strengthen the core but also tone these muscles. Thus helping with good posture and often relief from back aches. 

As such, it is far more than just building muscles. It is all about stability and feeling comfortable in your body. With regular workouts, you are sure to notice the benefits in body and mind. Most of these benefits are largely unknown to most people. 

Pilates is simply seen as a method to lose. However, like most other exercises, it is full of benefits. And, that’s exactly what we’re going to explore today. 

Strengthen Your Core

We’re starting with core strength as that is beneficial above all else. Your core is the very center of your body and is a key support system for all your movements. You may not realize it but it can impact how you move your arms legs and your entire body. 

So when you strengthen your core with a pilates core workout, you get a multitude of benefits. One of these is increased stability. This is true whether you’re walking, sitting, or at rest. 

Furthermore, as you practice pilates, you will notice your body feels better supported and perhaps even more pliable. 

As a direct result, you will experience relief from backaches, pelvic floor dysfunction, and more. 

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Better Posture

Your posture is not all about how elegant you look while standing or sitting. Posture plays a key role and balancing our muscles and allowing us to perform daily tasks without pain. Of course, our parents often corrected us from slouching while reading, watching TV, or gaming. At that age, the impact of slouching is often minimal. 

However, as we grow older, bad posture can lead to shoulder and neck pain often leading to a headache. With stress, these issues can be much worse. Additionally, bad posture can reduce your height and make you look underconfident. 

pilates core workouts often translate to full-body stretching and strength training. Moreover, core workouts contribute positively to your posture without having to correct it actively. Not to mention, these workouts include extending your range of motion. Thus helping with your overall posture throughout the day. 

Get Rid of Stress for Good

Any form of regular exercise is necessary to keep stress out. And, there’s nothing better than a Pilates core workout to get rid of stress. Keep in mind that Pilates is a whole-body workout. As such, you’ll be increasing your awareness of your whole body, one workout at a time. 

Over time, this will become a means of mindfulness and stress reduction for you. So you can finally escape the fight or flight mode and live life as meant to be. 

This can further benefit you by improving your quality of life and keeping your heart and blood pressure at healthy levels. 

Increased Flexibility

Pilates can boost your flexibility as well as mobility. 

  • Flexibility is about how much you can stretch your muscles without injuring yourself. Good flexibility will make it easier to carry out daily tasks. 
  • Mobility, on the other hand, is about the range of motion of each joint. 

You can be flexible without having good mobility but not the other way around. To add to this, you also require strength to increase your mobility. Flexibility and mobility together will help make your daily movements easier. This is whether you’re walking, sitting, working out, or even dancing. 

Better Mood and Better Sleep

The majority of us work in an office space today. While some are lucky enough to work remotely, not many can do so. The impact of sitting for hours on end can be devastating for our health. Ideally, you should be getting up every twenty minutes to stretch and walk around. 

However, it is difficult to remember these things since we in general have poor health. pilates core workout will help you become more aware of your body. Thus you will feel a nudge from your body when it is time to stretch. 

This can impact your mood for the better as you’ll be feeling less tired after a full day’s work. You’ll come home and you will enjoy self-care rather than eating junk food and binge-watching TV shows. 

This improvement in mood will add up and reflect in how you sleep. Sleep may not be as elusive as quality sleep for most of us. By adding exercise to your routine, you will notice the quality of your sleep improves as well. 

You will notice the benefit of this as you wake up fresh day after day. 

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Pilates core workout has many benefits for our physical and mental health. For one, we can improve our physical fitness and health with regular pilates. Secondly, it also adds up and reflects in our mental health and thus overall well-being.

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Is Pilates suitable for beginners?

Pilates is an ideal exercise option for beginners. You can choose the workout according to your fitness level. 

Do I need any workout equipment for Pilates?

Generally, you can perform most workouts with just a yoga mat. However, reformers and Cadillac machines will allow you to explore more exercise options. 

Should I do Pilates for back pain?

Pilates core workouts are a great choice for those suffering from back aches. Working out your core can do wonders for your back.

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