Police warn of fake SickKids Foundation canvassers asking for cash donations

Toronto police have issued a warning about a door-to-door scam going on in the city involving fake SickKids Foundation canvassers.

Officers say a man has been visiting downtown Toronto apartment buildings, asking tenants for cash donations. He allegedly wore a lanyard around his neck, fraudulently identifying himself as part of the SickKids Foundation.

According to the foundation, identity cards of legitimate canvassers will include their name, identification number and a QR code that can be scanned for further information.

They add that they never canvass in apartment or condo buildings nor solicit for cash donations, as they are strictly forbidden to do so.

Toronto Police Service’s Financial Crime Unit urges checking the organization’s website if you have any doubt of the canvasser’s legitimacy.

Police ask anyone with information, or believe they are a victim to this scam, to call them at 416-808-2222 or leave an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers.


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