Print Batch MBOX Files with Attachments

Print Batch MBOX Files

MBOX is a mailbox format that stores all types of email messages in a single MBOX Files. Also, many applications use MBOX files like Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac mail and so on. So print Batch MBOX Files with attachments is a critical task for those users who deal with vast amounts of email data. To make the hard copy of the data or you need a backup of your data. So there comes a role of printing batch MBOX files with attachments. So in this guide, you will go through in detail about printing batch MBOX files with attachments and when you access your data physically it should be readable. Below are the steps:

How to Print Batch MBOX Files with Attachments Using Manual Method

So, Talking about Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open-source email client used around the globe in Windows and Mac. With his robust features what makes it easy and unique to use for the users. So, here we will tell you about how to print batch MBOX files with attachments in an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird. 

Step 1. Export your MBOX files

  • Open the Mozilla Thunderbird application and go to the folder where you have stored your MBOX files and want to export.
  • Now, export the MBOX files in your local directory.
  • You can export multiple MBOX files as per your requirement.

Step 2. Open and print your MBOX files

  • You can use an editor or an MBOX file viewer to open your exported MBOX files.
  • Review your emails and attachments stored within each MBOX file.
  • Print each email individually by going to the “Print” option in the file menu.
  • For those emails who have attachment so you can download and store them in your system and separately print them if needed.

Now, there’s a second approach of printing batch MBOX files with attachments which is an automated method which will efficiently print your MBOX files with attachments with multiple options.

Disadvantages of Using Manual method

  • Time consuming: As when you are printing large amounts of MBOX files it takes time to print the file and you have to open each email or attachment individually.
  • Lack of efficiency: Printing multiple files through manual methods lacks efficiency whereas in an automated method it provides a dedicated solution with advanced features to print batch MBOX files with attachments.
  • Chances of errors: As when you go from manual method it tends to have some human error or any kind of complications. It can affect the structure of the documents.
  • scalability: By using a manual method there are a lack of resources and not being able to handle large amounts of MBOX files.
  • security Risks: In manual method there is a chance of potential security risks if not taken care while printing large amounts of MBOX files with attachments.
  • customization issue: There is a lack of filter options by which this user cannot change the layout according to his needs. Users won’t get the output they need and have to put in more effort.
  • Not fit for Organization: while using manual method it does not provide additional features so that they cannot manage email data. Also, you will face problems while accessing the printed documents because of inconsistency.

Print Batch MBOX Files with Attachments Using Automated Solutions

So, here you can go with our automated tool which is SysTools MBOX converter which will efficiently print your MBOX files with attachments in a simple manner.

Step 1. Launch your application 

  • Download and install the SysTools MBOX converter tool in your system.
  • After that select the MBOX file which you want to print.

Step 2. Convert MBOX files to PDF

  • Choose PDF as your output file format when converting your MBOX files
  • Set the desired location for your converted PDF files.
  • You have the filter option so you can do any necessary changes or customization to the conversion process.

Step 3. Print PDF Files

  • you can go to your desired location where you have saved your PDF files.
  • Open each PDF file using a PDF reader application.
  • Now, Print your PDF files individually or in batch.
  • Also, ensures that the attachments are also included in the printing process.

By following all these steps you will be able to Print Batch MBOX files with attachments in sequential manner and make your email data readable by converting your MBOX files to PDF file format.

Advantages for using Automated Tool

  • Time efficiency: Reduce the time of the users when he print Batch MBOX files with attachments.
  • Bulk processing: This Automated Tool is used to handle large amounts of MBOX files and can easily print MBOX files in bulk.
  • Handling of Attachments: This tool can handle your email attachments, images and documents. So it ensures all the attachments are properly printed with the files.
  • Customization option: the tool provides you with the option in which you can edit your page layout, naming of files and so on.
  • Easy to use: As compared to manual approach this tool is easy to use and has multiple options and user friendly interface to use the features of the application. 
  • Accuracy: the automated tool reduces the human errors and gives the result accurately according to the users like printing Batch MBOX files with attachments with less effort and minimal risk.
  • Reduces cost: using an automated tool it provides long term cost saving features as it will print the file correctly. Also, they provide cost-effective solutions to the organization.


Print batch MBOX files with attachments is a practical solution for the users to make a hard copy or archive of the data. Users do this to create backup and can also have a physical copy of this if required for any legal purpose. So, whether you go with manual or automated approach its main goal is to print your MBOX files and attachments correctly for the email client. But we recommend you to go with this automated tool which is available as SysTools MBOX converter which has various features to explore and solves many complications which email clients face.

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