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Ransomware attacks continue to loom large over Indian cyberspace: Kaspersky

India, which detected over 2 lakh ransomware attacks in 2023, is likely to see similar onslaughts, cyber security firm Kaspersky said on Wednesday.
Kaspersky General Manager for South Asia Jaydeep Singh said researches conducted by the firm have shown that India is consistently among the top 12 targeted countries and territories for Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).
“For three years in a row, file encryption has been the top problem faced by enterprises and organisations worldwide and in India. From the basic ransomware attacks like the Wannacry in 2017, we have reached the era of Ransomware 3.0 where we see triple extortion in the form of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), reselling of data, and public blackmailing.
“This form of attack has a wider impact on the financial and reputation aspect of Indian companies,” Singh said.
Kaspersky claims to have detected over 2 lakh ransomware incidents on businesses in the country in 2023.
According to the company, major ransomware gr