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Wealth With Mutual Funds

For an investor brimming with aspirations of wealth creation, one must be equipped with the right strategy that assures safety yet delivers high returns. In the volatile world of finance, ‘Safety’ often remains the basic ground rule. Amid myriad investment instruments, mutual funds have emerged as an incredibly reliable choice. More so, mid cap mutual funds have garnered enormous attention from investors for their ability to generate high returns while striking a balance between risk and rewards.

Mid Cap Mutual Funds: An Overview

Mid Cap Mutual Funds primarily invest in companies with a market capitalisation ranging from 500 crores to 10,000 crores. These companies, positioned between large and small caps, possess immense growth potential. Moreover, the characteristic diversity of mid cap mutual funds and the consistency in returns make them the optimal choice for investors willing to accept moderate risks for substantial gains.

Benefits of Investing in Mid Cap Mutual Funds

Mid-cap mutual funds offer multiple advantages that extend beyond wealth creation. The ‘middle-of-the-road’ investment approach they encapsulate helps investors avert extreme market swings, thereby ensuring resource safety. High revenue growth is another significant benefit these funds usher in. As mid cap companies are in their expansion phase, the potential for rapid growth is significantly higher compared to large cap companies, translating to impressive profits.

Further, risk diversification is another reason to consider mid cap mutual funds as a go-to investment. By virtue of diversified portfolio, mid cap funds can mitigate risks associated with a bearish market. By spreading investments across a diverse range of sectors, investors can soften the blow of fluctuations in any one sector.

The Role of Mid Cap Mutual Funds in Wealth Creation

The fundamental principle of wealth creation lies in knowing when and where to invest. Mid cap mutual funds are known for their high returns in the long run, making them a preferred choice of growth-oriented investors. For instance, a monthly SIP of INR 5,000 in a reputated mid cap mutual fund over a period of 20 years would amass a wealth of approximately INR 75 lakhs, considering an average 12% annual return. Though the calculations might differ slightly based on the current market situations, the substantiality of the amassed wealth would undoubtedly impress even the most conservative investor.

Building Wealth Safely

Wealth creation doesn’t always necessitate venturing into high-risk zones. Mid cap mutual funds, with their intrinsic ability to balance risk and reward, provide a safer passage to attain financial goals. A systematic investment plan (SIP) in mid cap mutual funds can help in creating substantial wealth over time while keeping risk exposure at bay.

Systematic Investment Plan Calculator

A Systematic Investment Plan Calculator is a tool used by investors to estimate the potential returns on their investments made through a systematic investment plan. SIP is a method of investing a fixed amount regularly in mutual funds or other investment instruments over a period of time.

The SIP calculator takes into account factors such as the investment amount, investment duration, expected rate of return, and frequency of investment (monthly, quarterly, etc.). By inputting these variables, investors can get an approximate idea of the future value of their investments. This helps investors plan their investments better and make informed decisions regarding their financial goals.

Benefits of the SIP Calculator

There are several benefits to using a SIP calculator:

  • Estimating Future Returns: A SIP calculator helps investors estimate the potential future value of their investments based on various parameters such as investment amount, duration, and expected rate of return. This allows investors to set realistic financial goals and plan their investments accordingly.
  • Financial Planning: By providing a projected value of investments, a SIP calculator aids in financial planning. Investors can assess whether their current investment strategy aligns with their long-term financial objectives and make necessary adjustments if required.
  • Comparison of Investment Options: Investors can use the SIP calculator to compare different investment options by inputting their parameters into the calculator. This enables them to make informed decisions about which investment avenue may offer better returns over time.
  • Risk Assessment: SIP calculators can help investors understand the impact of market fluctuations on their investments. By adjusting variables such as the expected rate of return, investors can gauge the potential risks associated with their investment choices.
  • Discipline in Investing: SIP calculators encourage disciplined investing by allowing investors to visualize the growth of their investments over time. This may motivate investors to stay committed to their investment plans and avoid impulsive decisions during market volatility.
  • Transparency: SIP calculators provide transparency in the investment process by offering clear projections of future returns based on specified parameters. This transparency fosters trust and confidence among investors in their investment decisions.

Mutual Funds and Taxation

While mutual funds offer significant returns, it’s important to understand the tax implications. Long-term capital gains (LTCGs) in excess of INR 1 lakh from equities and equity-oriented investments, which include mid cap mutual funds, are subject to a tax of 10%. However, the returns still fare better than many traditional investment options.

In Conclusion

Investing in mid cap mutual funds can be your ticket to building wealth safely. While they may witness bouts of volatility, a long term perspective helps turn these very market fluctuations into an opportunity of buying more units at lower prices. So, if balanced risk and impressive returns sound appealing, mid cap mutual funds surely deserve a place in your investment portfolio.

However, like all investments, it is essential that potential investors personally assess all pros and cons and comprehend the associated risks before stepping into the world of mid cap mutual funds.


Safeguarding investments while ensuring high returns has always been a pivotal aspect of wealth creation. This is where mid cap mutual funds make a promising proposition by offering the best of both worlds – safety and higher returns. Investing in mid cap companies that are on the cusp of expansion, these funds not only hedge your bets against market volatility but also open the doors for tremendous growth. Opting for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in these funds can fuel safer wealth creation over time while also ensuring a diverse portfolio. Though they are subject to a 10% Long-term capital gains (LTCG) tax on gains exceeding Rs.1 lakh, the returns largely surpass those from traditional modes of investment. However, it is crucial to gauge all the pros and cons and understand the potential risks associated with investing in mid cap mutual funds.

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