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Are you relocating, or have you purchased a new boat? In both situations, you need to transport your boat. Boat transport is not easy. It requires a lot of preparation and planning. In this guide, we will discuss boat transport, its cost, shipping options, etc.

What Is Boat Transport?

Boat transport is the shipment of a boat from one place to another, and it is transported with the help of a special trailer. If you are shipping your boat via road transport, your boat must be towed behind another vehicle. Some special trailers are designed for boat transportation.

Boat Shipping Options

Here, we have shared a few of the most important and common boat shipping options,

  • RORO Shipping

This method involves towing your boat with a large trailer. It is an affordable shipping option, but your boat will be exposed to external elements, just like an open carrier. RORO shipping is also called Roll-on and Roll-off shipping.

  • LOLO Shipping

In this method, cranes are used to lift the boat, which is then placed onto the trailer. It is the best method for the shipment of large boats. LOLO is known as the Lift- On and Lift-Off shipping.

  • Flatbed Trailer

It is a flatbed trailer, and your boat will be loaded onto it, which offers protection to your vehicle. Your boat will be safely pickup from your address, and then it will be delivered to you in its original condition.

  • Enclosed Transport

If your boat’s size is standard, you can ship it in an enclosed container. This is a closed container that offers high security to your vehicle.

How To Get The Boat Shipping Quote?

Boat Shipping Quote

Getting a boat shipping quote is easy with these steps, and you just need to follow them,

  • Choose the company and contact them. Provide them with the details of your boat, such as its size, weight, and length.
  • Choose the trailer type that fits your budget.
  • Get the boat shipping quote.
  • On the day of shipment, the driver will pick up your boat from your address.
  • They will deliver your boat to your given address safely.

Boat Shipping Cost

Boat shipping costs are affected by several factors, such as the type of boat you are shipping, the type of trailer, and the size and weight of the boat. Let us discuss these factors.

  • Boat Size

Boat size, length, and weight affect the shipping cost; the heavier and larger the boat, the higher the shipping cost.

  • Distance

The total distance between the pickup and the delivery location affects the shipping cost.

  • Season

Shipping costs will increase during the season’s peak season, and shipping will cost more than off-season shipping.

  • Transport type

Shipping cost is also affected by the trailer type you choose for the shipment of your boat.

Boat Preparation Tips

Boat preparation is the most important step that you need to take before the shipment to ensure the safety of your boat and to experience the disturbance-free boat shipping service. We have shared a few important boat shipping tips. Let us look into them,

  • Clean your boat properly from its inside to outside.
  • Remove all your stuff from inside the boat.
  • You have to check whether all the parts are in good condition and are working.
  • Check for navigation signals, lights, etc.
  • Check with the local authorities for any permits during the shipment and get ready with all the needed documents.
  • Reduce the engine’s fuel level, such as gasoline and oil, before the shipment.
  • Inspect your boat carefully and note down if there is any damage.
  • When the driver delivers your boat to you, you must complete its final inspection before you pay. If you notice any damage, immediately contact the shipping company.
  • Close windows and lock the boat.

These tips will help you ship your boat safely and prevent damage during shipping.

How To Choose The Best Boat Shipping Trailer?

Boat Shipping Trailer

Choosing the best and the right carriers for the transportation of your boat is the most important thing you need to consider when shipping your boat. Below, we have shared a few important factors that you need to consider are the following,

  • Communication is most important, so you must communicate with the auto transport company to learn about shipping trailers and the equipment they will use for loading and unloading.
  • Use the carrier trailer for the shipment of your boat.
  • You will be responsible for the damage if you ship your boat with your trailer. So, inspect your trailer before the shipment.
  • You must research the trailer, choose the trailer that fits your boat, and consider its safety.

Choose Trustworthy Company

When planning for the shipment, the most important part is to choose the best and the most reliable boat shipping company that can transport your boat safely without even a scratch on it. If the safety of your boat is your top priority, consider these important tips to ship your boat safely.

  • You need to research the shipping company you are going to select.
  • Look for online reviews and ratings, and read them to know more about the company and its services.
  • Look for their websites and verify their contact details and address.
  • Read the company’s terms and conditions.
  • Read the shipping contract before you ship your boat.
  • Check for the payment options.

What Are The Common Questions You Need To Ask?

When looking for a shipping company, you must ask the company some important questions to ensure that your boat is in the right hands. Below, we have shared a few questions,

  • You have to ask how long they have been in the business.
  • Is there any insurance coverage?
  • How long will it take to ship your boat?
  • What shipment process will they follow?
  • Are there any additional and hidden charges?
  • What method will they use to ship your boat?
  • Ask for the reference of the previous customer who has used their services.
  • Ask for the payment options.

These questions will help you to know whether you have chosen the right auto transport company and will ensure the safety of your boat.

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We understand that choosing the right company and shipping methods for boat transport takes work. You need to consider its weight, size, type, and budget. This guide has helped you choose the right company and the right method for your boat shipping.

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