Dismembered human remains found on Toronto beach

Toronto police are trying to identify a number of dismembered body parts discovered on a downtown beach last year.

At a news conference on Tuesday, investigators said two human thighs were found on Oct. 9 at Cherry Beach in the city’s Port Lands area. Weeks later, on Oct. 30, a human torso was discovered in the water during a patrol by Toronto police’s marine unit.

Police said the body parts are believed to belong to the same individual and appear to be intentionally dismembered.

The torso, which was found partially wrapped in a black plastic garbage bag, was wearing a size small t-shirt and a necklace when it was discovered.

“Because we only have a torso and we only have thighs that do not have any distinguishing marks or scars or tattoos, it’s made it quite difficult for us to identify this individual,” Det. Sgt. Tiffany Castell told reporters on Tuesday.

“At this point, we do not know how this individual died. That is why it is not being treated as a homicide, although we are treating it with the highest level of suspicion,” Castell said.


Following a forensic pathology report, investigators believe that the individual was male, between the ages of 21 and 28-years-old, with a light brown to tan complexion, average to lean build and black body hair.

He died 24 to 48 hours before the thighs were discovered, police said.

Without knowing the cause of death, Castell said police are currently investigating the discovery as an indignity to a human body.

Speaking to the human remains that have yet to be located, Castell said there are “certainly going to be remains somewhere,” but couldn’t say whether or not investigators believe they are in the water or elsewhere.

Acting Supt. Kathlin Seremetkovski said police are also in contact with U.S. law enforcement officials to investigate if the body parts may have been disposed of south of the border.

“This person is a family member, a friend, a co-worker, an acquaintance. Someone knows who this individual is. Someone knows what took place,” she said.

Police have set up a dedicated email address for members of the public to get in touch with information about the investigation, which can be found here.


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