Toronto Police Service’s (TPS) professional standards unit is investigating after video footage surfaced on social media of several officers arresting a man on a packed TTC subway train.

In the video, which was posted on Instagram on Thursday, five officers – four males and one female – are seen approaching a male seated inside a train. This individual is quite verbal and appears to be upset.

As they arrive, another male passenger points him out to police, saying “There he is.”

Moments later, the male officers are seen grabbing the male’s arms and legs as they move him down to the floor of the train. One officer is then seen kicking the male three times in the shoulder/upper back area, before someone is heard yelling, “Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, that’s enough. Let it go.”

In a written statement provided to CTV News Toronto in response to the video of the incident that was sent to them, police say that on March 26, at about 11 a.m., they were called to the Eglinton West subway station for reports of “unknown trouble.”

They said that several people had called 911 after a man allegedly assaulted a woman on the train and stole her phone.

The accused, whose identity has not been released by police, was arrested and has been charged with one count of robbery and three counts of fail to comply with probation.

Police have confirmed that they are aware of the video circulating on social media and that the male seen in it is the same person who was arrested and charged on March 26 in connection with an incident at Eglinton West Station.

They also told CTV News Toronto that no injuries were sustained by either victim or the suspect.

Further, police said at this point they do not believe any weapons were involved in the incident.

Lastly, they indicated that they would not be commenting further on the professional standards investigation.

CTV News Toronto has reached out to the TTC for comment as well as to the person who posted the video of the incident on Instagram.

More to come. This is a developing story.


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